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 In these fiercely competitive times, Eagle or a Vulture
you must choose between being an
        Eagles fly high on the wind, choosing where and when to hunt and what tasty meal will be pursued today. They select and kill the meal they like. Eagles eat the best bits while they are still fresh and warm. If they are feeling generous, Eagles might leave the less attractive bits of the meal for any Vultures in the area. Then again, Eagles might regard Vultures as the meal. . .

        Vultures sit on branches or rocks in high places. They wait patiently for days on end for a tasty meal to come within sight and be killed for them. Unfortunately, whatever killed this tasty meal always gets the best bits while they are still fresh. Vultures know better than to get too close to hungry Eagles. Nevertheless, when times are good, the Vulture might get to eat the leftovers when the Eagles have satisfied their hunger.

  The message is very clear - If you want to be the one who chooses what to eat, when and where - you have to be prepared to go out and kill it yourself. Only the most fittest and fiercest competitors will eat regularly and survive through the tough times.

Ken Edmonds - Founder and CEO