Ken Edmonds
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  Began as a Professional Engineer with more than 10 years experience in building telephone networks. Set up and launched the first Mobile Telephone business for Telecom NZ. Later managing all mobile businesses, including cellular telephone, paging, mobile radio and voice messaging.

Relocating to Europe and specialising in development of high technology businesses, accumulated 8 years as Director and Managing Director with significant achievements in blue chip multi-national, multi-facility companies, including Cisco Systems Ltd, Nortel Networks and Marconi. Over 15 years in electronics, software and manufacturing based companies in senior management roles, with extensive achievements at Executive level in blue chip organisations, both European and North Americans in Europe. Directed EMEA business operations with full P&L responsibilities, covering 144 countries with staff in 10 countries, improving both sales and profit performance.

Proven record in driving business growth and improving both top and bottom line performance. Masterminded and driven through over $1B of new business in all major markets in the world, including Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Pacific and North America.

Recognised by peers as an innovator with a history of rising to the challenge. For instance:

Dramatically improved a declining UK business for a North American multi-national electronics company. Doubling their market share in the UK, with orders increasing to over 500M.

Directed the rebuilding of a failing consumer product company. As Managing Director, turned the previous 20% loss into a 10% profit within 12 months.

Led the turn-around of a failing post-acquisition integration for a major blue chip electronics and e-commerce company. Resulting in an immediate 400% improvement in quarter on quarter sales.

Demonstrated strengths include:

Increasing revenues by improving sales success as well as increasing or retaining average selling prices in the face of intense competition.

Directing cost management to achieve budget targets through strong audit and management controls.

Inspiring successful teams through a combination of focusing on achievements and rewarding outstanding performance.

Spearheading business development by identifying the critical achievements required, eliminating non-contributory activities and focusing remaining resources on delivering the new business plan.

Driving winning strategies by leading the development of innovative ways to succeed against competition and focusing teams on executing dynamic real-world plans.