Ken Edmonds
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Mode of Working 

  We believe that the days are over for Consultants who charge astronomical fees to deliver reports and advice - without necessarily delivering any tangible business benefit for their clients.

  The objective of this service is to identify the best options for your company and make them happen for you. Not just advising you what might be best, but working with you, within your company, to implement and institutionalise the improvements needed to reach and exceed new levels of performance.

Work within your company to institute new ways of working and deliver real results.

Hands-on delivery of results, not paper.

Demonstration of actual implemented reforms.

Your bespoke tailored plan of action will be put into action through carefully planned and pre-approved phases - leaving you in control of expenditure at all times.

On first contact we will review with you what improvements in performance you could expect and how we can put an action plan in place to make this happen for you.

For projects within the United Kingdom, you will not commit to or incur cost until a plan is agreed.

For projects outside the United Kingdom, the only cost commitment required is to cover pre-agreed travel and accommodation expenses to visit your site (if necessary) and agree a plan of action.

  Pay on performance delivered, not words or paper reports. Your costs will be met from the benefits delivered and are therefore no extra cost for you.